Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Questionnaire, The Sequel

Senior picture of Tommy Toe Dragger, courtesy of James "The Bod" Pasquine. Sick flow.

And now for the survey's second half:

8. What is Mio's best attribute on the ice?
Mio: I think I've had good rebound control lately
Crockett: The game he dresses
Masters: The lack of any concern other than winning the game
Krot: His chirps
Tanner: Motherfucking the other team
Stryff: His pillows are raw

Johnny's playing ability, along with his chirps, flow, determination, and looks creates a recipe for success. However I'd say his best attribute would be his dressed game. Look good, feel good, play good.

9. What is Mio's best attribute off the ice?
Mio: My school work
Crockett: His wheels (edited for content)
Chef Sav: His hilarious storytelling
Masters: His wheels (edited for content)
Krot: His wheels
Tanner: Absolutely impossible to even edit what was said here. What a beaut
Stryff: His one liners, eh Fordo?
Definitely would have to go with the one-liners/stories. This beauty never fails to put a smile on your face.

10. What is your favorite nickname of another player on the team?
Mio: Sav ___ of ___ (fill in the blanks). I prefer Sav Stack of Pancakes.
Crockett: Rich being called Chim
Chef Sav: Besides all mine, Dr. Chim Richalds
Dugan: The Big Fella for Masters
Masters: Krot Rocket or Putang
Krot: Mr. Duggan
Tanner: Scuz for Mio
Stryff: Sav. Hands down. That devil. Sav bag o' doughnuts takes the cake in this category.
Heltguy for Heltman, Chim for Rich, Chef Sav/Sav Bag'o'Doughnuts for Ryno, Rainman for Raymus

11. Who has the sloppiest locker on the team?
Answers: Masters, Stryff (x2), Raymus (x2)
Stryff: Slice or Raymus. The rainman just has paraphernalia scattered
Definitely gotta go with Stryff here. Dude's got stuff flowing to about a 10 foot radius around his locker.

12. Who has the neatest locker on the team?
Answers: Gezz, Raymus, Mio, Krot, Heltman
Gotta go with Krot on this one. Being his next door neighbor is always nice. His gitch never gets in my way.

13. Who on the squad do you feel most uncomfortable showering with?
Mio: This is a weird question to publish on the internet
Unanimous Answer: Masters
Masters: Hmm, can't think of anyone. I will probably get the majority of votes in this category.
Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with masters here. Nuff said.

14. What is your favorite post game soda?
Mio: I've been diggin Bud Heavy lately
Crockett: New Castle Brown Ale or Beast Light
Chef Sav: Coors. The Banquet Beer.
Dugan: BL Smoothies (Dugan, I'm going to go ahead and write you a prescription for 2 testicles)
Masters: Orangeina
Krot: BL Smoothies and PBR (Krot, I'm only going to write you a script for 1 testicle)
Tanner: Blue Moon (You don't even deserve a script for testicles)
Stryff: Is this a serious question? Nothing but PBR for this cat.
PBR or Labatt Blue for this guy

15. What is your favorite meal as prepared by Chef Sav?
Mio: Shrimp Scampi with fresini chicken, mowright!
Crockett/Tanner: A bag of doughnuts
Chef Sav: Burgs and Dogs cooked the RIGHT way
Dugan: Mac'N Cheese, and since chef sav is preparing it, we would have to eat it at 5:00 sharp.
Krot: His apple sauce
Stryff: I really enjoy the chef's take on some top cheddar where mama hides the cookies with a nice batch of homemade sauce. It's delish.
Has to be anything Chef Sav throws on the grill. The kid is a magician with a spatula and some fire.

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