Sunday, November 29, 2009

Questionairre, Eh?

So I sent out a short questionnaire to the guys on my team... Being that they're hockey players only about half of them responded. The other half was too busy studying, working out, and going to bed early (sic: getting fucked up and playing video games).

Special note to Mio for being the first responder. Get ready for the Mio's top 10 section of this blog.

Here are the first half of the questions, followed by my favorite answers, and my own answer.

1. Which W&J Hockey graduate do you miss the most?
Mio: Clint Lang, what a beaut
Crockett: Bob Rose
Chef Sav: Bryan Colligan, because he never stopped talking
Dugan: Chad
Masters: Jeff Cobb
Krot: Beitler
DT: Chad
Stryff: Jed

I'll go with one guy per year: 2007 = Bob Rose, 2008 = Craig Frey, 2009 = Mario Panucci
Although 2008 was a hell of a year with the likes of Frey, Beaner, Moose, Gootz, and Jed

2. Which W&J Hockey defect do you miss the most?'
Mio: Dan Gagne, what a derelict
Crockett: Do I qualify as a defect? If not, Eric Sweeney
Chef Sav: Smalls
Dugan: Gagne
Masters: Tyler Learn
Krot: Gagne
DT: Bronder because he was so fucking cool
Stryff: I don't know what "defect" means

My choice? Difficult call here, we've had so many greats, between Doaker, Fordo, Tits, Tyler, Smalls, Gags. I'd have to go with either Minskoff or Tyler Learn

3. If you could skate on a line with one W&J hockey graduate, who would it be and why?
Mio: Clint and Gootz. Mio I was gonna chirp you for naming 2 people, but then I realized those guys can be considered 1.
Krot: Mario Panucci, because then I'd always be mentioned in the headline of the "Unofficial W&J Hockey Website, no matter how bad I played. Well played, sir.
Stryff: Moose Langer. I feel that if my wheels and his confidence hit the surface, magicwould be made, and panties would be thrown carelessly by adoring vixens.

My choice? Probably Chad. Every time we were on the ice together our team scored. Some kind of accidental chemistry.

4. If you could skate on a line with one W&J hockey defect, who would it be and why?
Mio: Anyone but Siegel
Crockett: Smalls because we would complement each other nicely
Masters: Crockett because he'd make up for my lack of speed and skills with his hockey grandeur
Stryff: I still don't know what "defect" means

I'd have to go with Doak here. He'd add some comic relief to my game by allowing me the chance to hear a lot of growling out there. Plus I'd get a lot of breaks mid-shift due to his lofty injury totals.

5. Who is the funniest player on the squad and why?
Mio: As much as I hate to say it, Stryff. But don't tell anyone
Chef Sav: Stryff because of his chirps
Masters: Stryff has great comebacks and is rather witty, however I feel that my grotesque and twisted sense of humor has a greater laughter coefficient than his.
Krot: Stryff because he thinks his chest flow looks good
Stryff: Masters or Dugan. Quite possibly Mio. We got a bunch of Joey Jokesters on our squad.

Stryff is hilarious, yes. But so is Mio. And Luch. Dugan has his moments. Chim has some good ones as well. I'm a pretty funny MF'er as well. Crockett is hilarious. I'd go with the whole team here. Sum up everyone's funniest quality and you have quite a sight.

6. Who has the best flow on the squad?
Dugan: I'd say Stryff, but his head won't fit through the door, so Masters.
Crockett: Davy Crockett
Penkrot: Mike Penkrot
Mio: Anyone but Stryff of Ship
DT: Jim Driscoll
Stryff: Mio or myself. Let's get real here.
It's a tough one here. Krot has had some excellent flow lately. Mine usually looks pretty excellent. Crockett and Rich have their good flow days. Mio and Stryff have dirt flow at all times. I guess for most frequent flow I'd have to say Mio, and best flow (when at it's best) I'd say Krot.

7. Who has the best body on the squad?
The Joey Jokesters came to play on this question.
Chef Sav: Shipper
Dugan: Hands down, Eli
Masters: Eli, hands down
Krot: Tanger
DT: Shipper
Stryff: No homo, but Eli and Tanger take this one. Those guys are foxes.

I can see how my chisseled upper body in combination with my boyish good looks would facilitate my mention in this answer. I'd have to think about my answer long and hard. I'd either go with Shipper for his Holocaust-like allure or Tang for his Grinch-like figure. Note: My permanent inner tube from last year would have been mentioned here, however it has since deflated.

Second half of the questionnaire later.

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