Monday, November 23, 2009

The Last Rodeo

I'd like to take a moment to talk about my last career hockey road trip (Beer League Tourneys excluded here).

Friday morning, the lads embarked on a trip to Niagara University. Apparently, however, the hockey gods started thanksgiving break a little bit early. In what some all W&J's worst performance of the decade, we were shit on by Niagara, final score of 5-1. Let's just say that Niagara's players were more wobbly than a 3-legged dog. They made IUP look like the Detroit Red Wings. Anyway, all we could really do after the game was laugh at ourselves and try to hide our feelings of embarrassment.

The highlight of the night was when Mr. Duggan's parents dropped off milk and cookies for us in the locker room. Add oatmeal cookies with craisins and white chocolate morsels to my list of favorite foods please.

Back in the hotel, it was already late so we couldn't do much. I crashed in the room with my regular roadie roommates, Gezz and Chim. I lost rock-paper-scissors again, and had to share a bed with Chim. Oh well, nice senior bonding for our last rodeo. I thought it was about time to hit the hay when I was surprised by two of my teammates enjoying their first career rippers. What a sight. Quote of the night: "I keep getting hit with waves of heat and then non heat". Shot the shit with the guys for a couple more hours before calling it a night.

The next day, we were on a mission. We wanted to destroy the Niagara clowns, due in part to some brutal Hockey 101 chirpage. Well we did exactly that, with our roster of 11 (they had more healthy scratches then we had players). We scored a touchdown and Tang kicked the extra point. He looked like Nigel Gruff out there, kicking PAT's while rippin heaters. The score could have been a lot worse had we not held back late in the game.

Niagara's clown coach made his best Herb Brooks imitation by keeping his players on the ice for a bag skate after the game. Needless to say team enforcer Joe Michelucci (my blog's first and only follower) was ready, camera-in-hand. Youtube video to follow. Hockey 101 thread to follow. Overall the funniest/stupidest thing I have ever seen is to watch a bunch of purple-clad clowns bend their ankles up and down the ice for 10 minutes after a thorough ass pounding from a team with 1/3 the roster size. Awesome.

More tomorrow. Coming soon: Mio's top 10. A new addition to the blog. All I have to say is beware, Gongshow.

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