Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Went to a Fight the Other Night, And a Hockey Game Broke Out

Here are some famous hockey quotes that epitomize the game quite nicely. No rankings. Just random.

"I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out."
-Rodney Dangerfield

"All hockey players are bilingual. They know English and Profanity."
-Gordie Howe

"Ice hockey is a form of disorderly conduct in which the score is kept."
-Doug Larson

"Hockey players wear numbers because you can't always identify the body with dental records."

"I'm not dumb enough to be a goalie."
-Brett Hull

"That's so when I forget how to spell my name, I can still find my fucking clothes."
-Stu Grimson, on why he keeps a color photo of himself above his locker

"Yeah, I'm cocky and I'm arrogant. But that doesn't mean I'm not a nice person."
-Jeremy Roenick

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