Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Hockey Player"

I thought about it long and hard, and I decided to start this blog off by sharing some web definitions of the term "hockey player". Obviously, I did what any normal person would do and searched for it on Here is what I found:

Hockey Player (haw-kee pla-r):

1. An individual who can beat you on the scoreboard and in the parking lot after the game

Yes, hockey players are known as being tough. Allow me to be a bit conceited!

2. Typically Canadian. Main goal in life is to not only score many points in a game, but to also score with as many chicks as possible

No doubt this is true. College hockey players are a little less barbaric though! (not really).

3. Usually what every young Canadian aspires to be. Probably the toughest and most physical athletes around. They take every hit like a man, get their asses back up and continue the shift (or demolish that MF’er). Hours of sweat, skating, practice, bonecrushing hits, broken teeth, blood, ice, sticks, pucks, punches and goals – they love every damn second of it. The bruises and scars are the physical badges of what hockey is all about. Dedicated to not only the physical prowess of the game, but also the skillful presence and crafty strategies of the sport. Character is what they live by. Probably the most masculine yet humble of athletes and have the hottest bodies ever. Scores both on and off the ice.

I like this definition. It shows that there is a lot more to us than being scum bags. Character is the operative word here.

4. Obviously the hottest type of athlete.


5. Hottest kind of person out there. Hands down. Hockey players have sick flow and pay the price for a good performance.

Thanks again! And we do have sick flow. (I’ll explain it later).

6. Real men. Everyone else likes to play with balls.

No argument here.

7. A person with very poor skating skills who decides to try to whack a puck into a net on the ice while acting like a big shot. This person doesn't appreciate the fine art of figure skating, yet they spend any time off the ice at the arena looking at the butts of figure skaters.

I guess half of this is true…

8. Extreme coke user. Snorts it all day long.

I’m speechless. I have to meet the person who decided to add this one. I thought about leaving it out but it's just so ridiculous I had to include it!

Well there is a nice laundry list of definitions provided by randoms on Urban Dictionary. Basically the term "hockey player" has a lot of different meanings tied to it. People look at us as scum bags, tough guys, the sexiest athletes, the best teammates, etc. Some of it's true, some of it isn't, but here is my take:

Hockey players are extremely mentally and physically tough athletes. We sacrifice a lot for our sport. Back in high school days, we'd miss out on football games and homecoming dances for trips to Ontario, Colorado Springs, Western Michigan, Upstate New York, etc. And in college we miss out on wild Friday night parties for 10:00pm puck drops 5 hours away. We miss out on rest, studying, and spending time with girlfriends and families. But we wouldn't have it any other way. The brotherhood that exists in the hockey locker room is hands down one of the best things anyone can experience. The character of a hockey player is unparalleled. We put our teammates before ourselves and do whatever it takes to win. And you better believe that we will always be the ones to close the bars and the last ones awake on college party nights. Sure, we may be cocky and barbaric. But beneath the surface you'll find a very sensitive guy that puts others first and does (contrary to popular belief) have some intellect!

More later tonight on the locker room.

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