Saturday, January 9, 2010

The NHL All-Bro Team

Apologies for the lengthy amount of time between posts. Happy 2010 errbody. I'd like to open up the year with not a blog post, but an announcement.

With the recent announcements of the Men's Ice Hockey Olympic teams, along with the inspiration of Bro Michelucci and Johnny Guyo, I have got together with several past and present hockey greats to develop the 2010 NHL All-Bro Team.

The team was selected by General Manager Bro Nieuwendyk (Dallas). It will be coached by 11-time Stanley Cup Champion Scottie Broman, with his Asian/Eskimo-looking assistant Ted Brolan. Alex Brovechkin was kept off the team because he's a douche bag. Atlanta led the way with 3 Bros, while Carolina, Calgary, Dallas, and LA each had 2 bros on the team.

And now, for the roster:

Goaltenders (3)
Tomas Brokoun (Florida)
Brose Theodore (Washington)
Brohan Hedberg (Atlanta)

Defensemen (7)
Zack Brogosian (Atlanta)
Joe Corbro (Carolina)
Broni Pitkanen (Carolina)
Johnny Broduya (New Jersey)
Francois Brochemin (Toronto)
Jay Bromeester (Calgary)
Stephane Brobidas (Dallas)

Forwards (14)
Ilya Brovalchuk (Atlanta)
Scott Bromez (Montreal)
Alexei Brovalev (Ottawa)
Riley Brote (Philadelphia)
Olli Brokinen (Calgary)
Fredrik Brodin (Columbus)
Browen Nolan (Minnesota)
Brohan Franzen (Detroit)
Patrick Bro'Sullivan (Edmonton)
Anze Bropitar (Los Angeles)
Alexander Brolov (Los Angeles)
Shane Broan (Phoenix)
Bro Thornton (San Jose)
TJ Broshie (St. Louis)

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